A Pet Friendly Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Capitol Hill Hotel is proud to be a premier pet friendly hotel in Washington D.C., which is why we created Hounds on The Hill for our four-legged friends.

In order to accommodate the best we can for your furry one and our other guests, we do charge a $150 pet fee for each pet per stay. Please indicate that you are bringing along your pooch when booking our pet friendly hotel in Washington D.C.

Hounds on The Hill includes:

  • Doggie treats in the lobby
  • Personalized dog bowls
  • Comfy embroidered dog beds
  • Baggies

While we love our pooch guests, we do have a few rules at Capitol Hill Hotel:

  • Please report all pets upon arrival. We want to be aware of all our four-legged friends when staying at our pet friendly hotel
  • Guests with pets will be appointed guestrooms on the first floor to ease pet entry
  • Pets must be accompanied by their owner at all times
  • Guest rooms unfortunately cannot be serviced while the pets are in the room. Please make sure to take your pets with you during our housekeeping hours should you wish your room to be serviced